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Partnerships and Funders

Who supports us!

MC Inspired Together in Partnership with SS&L

We won a bid and became proud partner with Somerset Skills and Learning in academic year 2022-2023. With financial support of our partner we managed to organise several ESOL courses and Wellbeing Workshops in Bridgwater, Highbridge, Minehead and Watchet. Huge success was Celebrating Multicultural Easter Traditions event, attended by Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Roma communities. Very quickly grew popular Learn English Whilst Hiking innovative ESOL course

Very successful first year, we're looking forward to 2023-24

Youth Grant

Local Council awarded us with small grant towards our 'Youth Club' we carry for second year. We are proud with the successful adaptation of our youth and building resilience in spite of Pandemic, Brexit, War and all madness they've lived through in their youth. Well done, we're proud of our young generation.

Somerset Community Foundation

Somerset Community Foundation has been supporting MC Inspired Together from the get go. We are grateful for funding our Christmas events and every year we are able to spread joy to young migrant children and their families. And your small fund allow us to cover general expenses and keep going.

HPC Community Fund

We are grateful that HPC Community Fund vote us trust and support us with general expenses funding which gives us chance to provide our support to migrant communities in our area. Big thank you!

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